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Rainbow Capitalism in Pride Month

Join Jasmine Jin and Isabel Pan as they discuss how companies problematically celebrate pride month with a facade of caring for the LGBTQ+ community, while simultaneously advocating against them. Ask yourself along with Jasmine and Isabel, “How can I be a better ally during this time?”

Wellness Matters- The Healing Properties of Drama w/ Keila fisher

Whether you’re a hard core drama kid or a hesitant participant, you can benefit from the healing powers of drama class. A graduate from both Prep and Scripps, Keila Fisher, joins us on this episode of the Wellness Matters podcast with Hope Zionts. Keila studied the intersection of psychology and theatre, with a career in […]

Wellness Matters- Yoga in Underserved and Traumatized Communities w/ De Jur

TW: De Jur and I have an open conversation about abuse, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and PTSD. If you are triggered by these topics please be wary before listening.  Tune in to hear Hope and De Jur explore the benefits of yoga in underserved, under-resourced, and marginalized communities.  Please let our listeners know that I am […]

Wellness Matters- Demystifying Yoga w/ Zara Bennett

Yoga and meditation can seem daunting when imagining sitting cross-legged for an hour thinking about nothing or trying to do a handstand in front of a room of strangers, but that’s not what it’s really about. Your yoga practice can start with just 5 minutes of stretching or a 5-minute breathing exercise!  Zara Bennett (PhD, […]


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Nick Palmer, ’21 talks about songwriting and gives us several tracks


Leon Kuo curates what you need with honkytonk

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