Wellness Matters – Episode 1 w/ Wellness Expert Niki Saccareccia

Having trouble sleeping? Let’s not kid ourselves, we are all having to train our bodies to get used to our Quarantine routine. Join Niki and Hope as they talk about sleep hygiene and Yoga Nidra (we also get into much, much, more!)

Niki’s bio:

Niki Saccareccia is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher and wellness entrepreneur. Over the last 12 years, she has helped thousands of people worldwide to reduce the effects of stress and tension in their lives. Her background as a Clinical Behavioral Therapist informs her teachings which are grounding, practical, and accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Instagram @ lightinsideyoga , website: www.lightinsideyoga.com, FB: facebook.com/yogawithniki 
“I teach 4 classes for a virtual yoga studio called Ompractice. Students can attend each class once as my guest using code NIKI20 at checkout. Ompractice.com for all of the information about how to register and the full schedule of classes. I teach 3 classes in the evenings along with my weekly Yoga Nidra Workshop on Wednesday afternoons at 3:45p to promote high-quality sleep and relaxation through One Down Dog, a female-run L.A. based yoga studio. OneDownDog.com”