Honors Physics Astronomy Podcasts

Dr. Frewen’s Honors Physics students created some astronomy podcasts!

In honor of Flintridge Prep’s Class of 2020’s virtual graduation today, we wanted to share some of the work they created. They really are shooting for the stars!

Jasmine Samuels and Ani Bernadi examine the physics behind Star Wars.
Shant Armenian, Renee Ventresca, and Jada Gritton discuss space exploration.
Melody Liu, Nicholas Rivelle, and Ryan Waldheim talk about what it would be like to live on the moon.
Ben Baraga, Sarah Wong, Emily Yam, and Jack Cartwright discuss the sustainability of colonizing Mars.
Sylvie Shure, Jeffrey Pendo, and Carina Mankerian debunk the stigmas around retrograde motion.
Image Source: CC0 Public Domain