Wellness Matters Episode 8.5: Mental Health w/ Bree barton pt. 2

Listen in for a conversation about everything mental illness, from tackling the stigma to the power of owning your diagnosis. Pt 1 out of 2.

Bree Barton is the author of Heart of Thorns, a fierce YA fantasy trilogy that Publishers Weekly called “an epic ode to feminism, magic, and the power of fairytales.” You can find Bree on YouTubeand Instagram, where she posts writing tips, book giveaways, and “real talk” about mental health. When she isn’t hunched over her laptop with a posture pillow taped to her back, she teaches Rock ’n’ Write, a free dance-and-writing class she created for women. Bree’s books have been published in seven countries and four languages, three of which she cannot speak.

Thanks for listening! – Hope Zionts @wellness.matters.pod