Wellness Matters-Episode 9: Remote Learning w/ School Psychologist Karla Wright

Welcome back to the Wellness Matters Podcast. This week’s episode is with Karla Wright!

Karla Wright has been a School Psychologist for the NYC Department of Education since 2002. Her main role is to assess students in pre-, elementary, junior and high schools by administering psychological and educational tests such as cognitive/IQ, social-emotional and academic assessments in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. The results of these assessments, along with input from teachers are then used to make an Individualized Education Plan for the student (example, smaller class size, a class with two teachers, or a support service such as speech and language therapy or counseling).

She collaborates with guidance counselors, social workers, parents, teachers and outside agencies/personnel (hospitals, psychiatrists, therapists etc.), to create healthy and supportive learning environments for all students. She also addresses students’ learning and behavioral problems, suggesting improvements to classroom management strategies or parenting techniques.