Wellness Matters – Authenticity & Radical Self-love w/ Patille Violeta

Tune in to hear Hope and Patille talk radical self-love and the freedom that comes with authenticity.

Patille Violeta:

As a highly intuitive child, Patille turned to a yoga mat, meditation cushion, and paint brushes to explore her imagination and to cope with anxiety. Discovering Reiki in her 20’s was like discovering the language of her soul. She’s honored to share the Art of healing with fellow seekers on the path of Wellness.

In 2010, Patille traveled to Nepal as a Volunteer Yoga Teacher. Since then, she’s been teaching Yoga, Meditation, Art, and Dance to children, youth, and adults in a variety of settings – schools,  studios, homes, and recreational centers locally and internationally. In 2016, Patille began a movement called Emerging Girl to empower girls to love themselves and nurture their mind, body, and soul. She’s also a Teaching Artist for Critical Mass Dance Company and the founder of Violeta Healing Arts. Patille believes Reiki has a significant role in healing our society, empowering individuals for self-healing, and contributing to global peace.